Getting the Basics

25 09 2011

This weekend, Sam and I went through Basic Training A with the Missouri Baptist Convention church planting team.  It was a great, though challenging weekend.  I think we are on information overload!

Over the next month, we will be working on a vision narrative that describes the vision God has given us for the Hawaii church plant.  We were really pushed and questioned on that this weekend.  It is one thing to know what we are called to.  It is another to be able to describe it in such a way as to cast that vision to others.

We both sensed a lot of continued confirmation this weekend.  We know this is what God is calling us to.  We were also very encouraged (as always) to visit with experienced church planters as well as people just starting out like us.

All in all, there is a lot to process.  Plus, I have two new books to read about church planting on top of the one I’m currently reading.

On Thursday, I’ll be going to Sentralize.  I hope to learn a lot as well as make a few contacts that might help us in our journey.

As always, we need your prayers.  Specifically, pray for the following:

  • That through budgeting, savings, and selling a few things we can quickly pay off our last credit card.
  • That God will give us wisdom and clarity regarding the vision for the work He will do through us in Hawaii.  Pray that He would give us a clear set of core values to help guide our church plant.
  • That more and more people join in praying for our mission.
  • That our minds are open to learn everything we need to learn.
  • That we continue to follow the Lord’s guidance here in Birch Tree.  I do not want to become lazy or distracted regarding the work here.
  • That God will prepare the hearts of churches and individuals to partner with us.
  • That God will prepare the way for an awesome work in Hawaii.

Mahalo (Thank you), and God Bless!




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