Thoughts on Being Sent(ralized)

2 10 2011

Yesterday, I arrived home from the Sentralized Conference.  To be honest, It was almost too much.  At some point, I will review my notes, and perhaps post a few of the gems, but for now, let me just share what echos with me today.

For us, church planting is obeying our call to “come and die.”  It is not the only way to die as a way of living, but it is for us.  Any such obedience needs lots and lots of prayer support.  Before long, we’ll begin talking about financial support, but before, during, and after all that, we need prayer.

We are planning to uproot ourselves and Caleb and land in a new place, among new people, in a different culture.  Not to mention that the idea of planting a church is among the riskiest things I’ve ever done in ministry.  I think the reward will be great, but prayer is key.

We are currently looking for people who will agree to be our prayer partners.  We need these people to pray regularly for us, starting now, and continuing throughout our plant.  Will you be one of those people?  If so, let us know.  We need you!




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