Prayer Requests

24 10 2011

Yesterday, we spent an exciting day with our sending church, Second Baptist of Springfield, MO.  It really is quite an honor to be included in this great church’s mission efforts.  It was also very encouraging to hear Ben Pilgreen speak about his church plant in San Fransisco.  I look forward to learning more from him.  It was also encouraging to have so many pray for us.


So, today I am think of some very specific prayer requests that I’d like to make known.  Please join us in praying for these things:


Paying off our credit card


Over the past year we have been on a plan to be good stewards in all of our finances.  That means not only giving, but also being good managers of what we have.  We have worked to get ourselves out of credit card debt and have one more credit card to go.  We are selling some things and saving as much as we can toward this goal.  Right now, we need about $3800 more to finish it off.  Please pray that we can reach this goal soon.


Our Families


The decision to move to Hawaii was not easy for us to make.  However, for our families it may be even harder.  We have always enjoyed a close relationship with my mother and Samantha’s parents.  Living so far away is going to be very different.  Please pray for everyone that we can joyfully follow the Lord’s will.  Also, please pray that the transition for our son will be as smooth as possible.  Pray that God prepares good friends for him in his new school next year.


Our Prayer Partners


We believe that having at least 50 people committed to pray for us is crucial to carrying out this plan.  We currently have 36 people.  Please pray that the Lord will lead the rest to us.




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