One Down…a Long Road Ahead

29 10 2011

Our road to church planting in Hawaii is long.  There is a lot that must happen before we move to Hawaii and even more that must happen after that.  In order to stay organized and focused, we try to think in terms of mileposts.  Since prayer is crucial, our first milepost is recruiting 50 prayer partners.  As of today, we have 51 committed prayer partners and 96 Facebook fans!  We just cleared our first milepost!  Praise the Lord!

What’s next?  We are working to create some materials to give to potential sponsors.  That involves more than just designing and printing.  We must nail down the vision and the core values of the church plant.  Then we must come up with the best way to present it.

Meanwhile, we continue doing a lot of important things for this plant.  We are training, we are making contacts both here on the mainland and on the islands, and we will continue gathering prayer partners.

At this time, we ask that you pray for the following:

  • Our personal finances:  We are working to pay off one final credit card.  Also, producing our information packets may come out of our own pocket.  Please pray that the Lord provides in each case.
  • Our families:  Our decision to relocate to Hawaii is difficult for our families.  Please pray that the Lord comforts our parents, as we are moving very far away.  Also pray that the move goes well for our son, Caleb.  Pray that the Lord is preparing good friends on the islands for him.
  • Our task:  Pray that the Lord grants clarity regarding our vision and our core values.  Pray that we are able to express well the vision that He has laid on our hearts.



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