First week in Hawaii

15 07 2012

What a week it has been!

On Saturday, July 7, we flew to Hawaii.  That makes for a long day, but we had a smooth trip.  We stayed in the Mission House at Mililani Baptist Church. The people there were very kind and had groceries and a car ready for us.  On Sunday, we attended worship service there and met some people at their fellowship meal that evening.

On Monday, we set out to begin what we thought would be the long process of house hunting. ImageBy Monday evening we had a signed lease and by Tuesday, we had the keys!  We are thrilled

with the house we have rented.  It is only a short walk from Caleb’s school and a nearby shopping center.  The neighborhood is full of families.  We met our next door neighbors; a nice family with two boys 8 and 10.  The rest of the week, we spent trying to locate furniture.  Sam attacked Craigslist with a vengeance and we made plenty of deals quickly.  Of course, that meant borrowing a truck and driving over a large portion of the island.  It was truly amazing to see the way the culture and the weather changes depending on where you are on the island.

We have also been blessed to meet some fellow church planters.  After a busy week of trying to get settled in, we spend Saturday morning at the beach.  Tried surfing, boogie boarding, got a little too much sun, and had a good time.

Next week means more work as we get settled in and getting Caleb enrolled in school.

Please pray for the following:

  • That we can build relationships with those in our area that we have met and that the Lord can use those relationships to advance the Gospel in Ewa Beach.
  • That Caleb will transition well into his new school and make good friends.
  • That we can continue to find partners that will support us with prayer, funding, and mission work.





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