A Productive August and a Hopeful Fall

3 09 2012

As August draws to a close, I like to reflect on what the Lord has been doing in establishing Aloha Community Church.

We are still very much in the “groundwork” phase. This month, I have spent time building relationships with fellow pastors, staff, and church planters. Their fellowship is invaluable. We continue to meet people. Samantha has been serving as a volunteer at the school and we look for opportunities like this all the time. This has helped us to get to know folks at the school as well as other parents and members of the community. Likewise, we also strive to conduct business locally. We look for missional opportunities everywhere we go. For example, getting a haircut at the nearest location afforded the opportunity to share the gospel with the girl that cut my hair.

I have also been doing a lot of strategic planning. I am working on plans to conduct prayer walking and water give away events. I am also hoping to do some surveying and gather at least 100 surveys. The plans are in place and tonight I will meet with the missions committee at Mililani Baptist Church to recruit their help with these events.

Mililani Baptist Church has been such a blessing to us. I have preached on two separate Sundays there and this has raised awareness of our work. Some have even expressed an interest in being a part of our Bible Study.

I have a list of people I would like to recruit in a core group and hope to approach each one in the coming month. With a core group, I can start a Bible Study that I can invite people to. Lord willing, our surveying will produce names of people to invite.

Meanwhile, the family is doing well. Everyone is adjusting and enjoying life on the island.

I want to ask you to pray for some things. Pray for our upcoming events. Pray that we can form a core group. Pray that we can share the gospel with more people. Also, in the time we have lived here, we have seen two occasions where the police were called for domestic disturbances on our block. Pray that we find a way to understand and minister to this need as well.




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