October Update

1 11 2012

One more month has passed and what a month it has been!  In October, we began our first home group.

ImageEach Wednesday, we host an average of 10 people in our home for dinner and a Bible Study over the book of Colossians.  It is exciting to think of the foundation this group is laying for a church.

On Halloween, our small group met to use trick or treating as an outreach.  We gave out candy to more than 240 kids.  Meanwhile, we gave the adults invitations to our small group.  In all, we handed out 42 invitations.  Some were very well received.

I have had some great opportunities for ministry and fellowship with local churches.  I work alongside another church plant (The Church of Kapolei), visit with local pastors: David Hockney, Shane Sowers, and James Shiroma, and preached at the Mililani Fil-Am Baptist Church.

Even more exciting things are ahead.  In January, we will host a missions team for the first time.  This team will do a lot of prayer walking and surveying.

We hope to cover several neighborhoods with prayer as well as meeting more and more people and getting into some conversations about the Gospel.  We will be surveying in order to identify various needs in the community.  I have recently met with a local missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship and we hope to partner with them for some after-school clubs once we can identify where they would be most effective.

Meanwhile, Samantha and I are making good contacts through volunteering in our community.  Samantha is volunteering weekly at Caleb’s school.  This is a large elementary school and somewhat of the hub of our community.  Samantha is getting to know faculty and staff there and making great inroads into building relationships.  I have recently begun training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.  I will be working with children that have been brought into the Child Welfare System on Oahu.  I will be working with children and families in very difficult situations and hope to bring light into dark places.

In the coming month, I am working towards four goals:

  1. To continue to build and grow our current small group
  2. To make plans toward a 2nd small group.  This one will be in the Iroquois Point neighborhood.
  3. To work with one of our small group members as we begin to define the structure and mission of this church.
  4. To meet with community leaders to discuss the needs of the Ewa community.

Please pray for the follow:

  • That we will see a response from the invitations to our small group
  • That through our volunteer opportunities, Samantha and I will find ways to share the Gospel.
  • For Caleb, who has been dealing with some stomach issues for over a month, to be made well.



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