Opportunity Abounds!

7 12 2012

Another month has come and gone and if I can sum up my report in one word it is this:  Opportunity.  Our God is great and His possibilities are endless!  I am in awe of the things I see on the horizon of our work here.  Our group continues to meet weekly and we are discussing how we will continue to expand.  Currently, we are looking at two new locations for a home group:  One in Iroquois Point and another in the Navy housing at Pearl Harbor.


We have also had some great moments investing personally with the people we have met here.  We have attended a promotion ceremony for an Army Lieutenant, hosted a soldier for Thanksgiving Dinner, and even spent and evening singing praise songs with some young adults in a nearby park.  I also had the opportunity to preach at Mt. Kaala Baptist Church and share with many there what God is doing in Ewa.


The possibilities always surprise us.  I realize more and more each day that I can make all the plans I want, but in the end the work is the Lord’s.  He is taking us in to new and exciting areas.  Not only are we looking at expansion in our home groups, but we are also looking at some opportunities to promote church planting all over the island.  Further, Samantha and I continue to explore ways that we can bring light to the dark world of many children on Oahu that suffer from abuse and neglect.  I was recently certified as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children and Samantha and I are beginning the process of foster parent certification.


Of course, our time here is not without its struggles.  Caleb has struggled with illness here.  He has been sick to his stomach since September.  We now know that the cause is a serious bacterial infestation in his stomach.  We are working with a good specialist and expect a full recovery soon.  He has had some good days lately, but as the doctor says, “the goal is that they are all good days.”  If you know Caleb, it is probably hard to imagine that him not wanting to do much other than rest in his bed.  We are ready and he is ready to be back to his old self.  Baseball season is starting and he is excited about that.  Thanks to a special gift from the North American Mission Board, he is outfitted with all the new equipment he needs.  He is looking forward to starting practice.  Please pray for his continued healing.  Also pray that baseball affords us many opportunities to meet new people and share the good news of Christ.


Moving forward, we are looking at all the possibilities in the new year.  New home groups, new ministry opportunities, sending church planters throughout the Islands, etc.  It is hard to imagine what God has in store.


Here are our goals for December:


  • Plan for a mission team coming in January for prayer walking and surveying
  • To continue to build relationships in our community
  • To meet with community leaders to learn specific needs of the Ewa area.


Please remember to pray for the following:


  • Opportunities to share through our service in the child welfare system, baseball, and school volunteering.
  • Access to housing communities.
  • Caleb’s continued healing.
  • Families and individuals that will attend our home groups.
  • Our families as we are so far away during the holidays





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