As 2012 closes and 2013 begins…

9 01 2013

As one year ends and a new one begins, we are filled with excitement for the opportunities ahead.  December has been a time of planning for us as we prepare for 2013.  As I write this, a mission team from Second Baptist in Springfield, MO is on island with us.  They are prayer walking and surveying the Ewa area.  We hope to use this information to find ways to reach out to the community.


Our small group continues to do well.  We have 11 adults and 3 children in the group and have been talking with others who are interested in coming.  This month, we have talked a lot about possibilities for new groups.  The possibilities include the housing area of the Pearl Harbor naval base and the Iroquois Point community in Ewa.


Thanks to the North American Mission Board, we received a subscription to Right Now Training.  This is a video service that provides us with an entire library of videos useful for training in a wide variety of categories.  We will begin offering these once a month with the hopes of strengthening the daily walk of those in our group, reaching out to others, and mobilizing our group for evangelism and missions.


Personally, this has been a great month.  Caleb continues to heal from his stomach illness.  He has started baseball and really enjoys it.  We had two visitors in December.  It is always great to spend time with our loved ones!  We also experienced our first Christmas here on Oahu.  Some really love a white Christmas.  We enjoyed the fact that we could go to the beach on Christmas!


Moving forward we are excited.  We are seeing some great opportunities and looking for God-sized vision for how we will spread the Gospel in Hawaii.  Please pray for us as we begin what promises to be a wonderful 2013!


Goals for January


  • Prayer walk through the neighborhoods of Ewa.
  • Compile, share, and plan using the data from surveys
  • Establish a presence in the community by doing what no one else is doing
  • Explore ways to begin small groups in more neighborhoods
  • Train the members of our home group to be mission-minded.


Prayer Requests


  • Opportunities to share through our service in the child welfare system, baseball, and school volunteering.
  • Access to housing communities.
  • Caleb’s continued healing.
  • Families and individuals that will attend our home groups.
  • New opportunities for ministry
  • Provision to pay unexpected medical bills from Caleb’s illness.



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