Lessons From A Barbecue Sandwich

10 02 2013

Baseball in Hawaii has brought all kinds of differences to us.  There is a different level of competition, a different expectation as to how much time and resources are put into playing, and a few different customs.  One new custom is the after game pot-luck.

For the first game, it was our turn to provide the meal.  Understand, this did not mean to bring snacks for the kids.  This means we had to provide a meal for every kid, family member and coach.  Thankfully, we shared this duty with another family, but our share was easily $100.

In determining what we should bring we decided that barbecue pork sandwiches would be an easy meal to feed a lot of people.  Well, that and hot dogs.  When the game ended and we unveiled the meal we learned something:  no one knew what a barbecue pork sandwich is.  People looked at it curiously.  Some of the other ladies began to explain the concept to the rest of the parents.  Many people simply chose a hot dog, but some were adventurous and decided to try this strange new food.

Today, we had another game.  As I went through the line to get my meal, the dad who provided today’s potluck (who missed last week’s game) said, “what did you bring last week?

“Barbecue pork sandwich,” I say

“Some sort of Missouri thing, yeah?”  He replies.

Honestly, I never realized that a barbecue pork sandwich was regional.

Things are different in Hawaii.  We have become students of culture since moving here and we are always fascinated by the differences that we encounter.  Usually, we see them coming, but sometimes they catch us by surprise.  These differences are important.  Our task is to share the Gospel, and that must be done within the context of culture.

So I have compiled a list.  This is just for fun.  We love the culture of the island and have welcomed most of these things.  In fact, I even call my flip-flops “slippas” and have heard my son using pidgin on more than one occasion.  So without further ado, here is my top-ten list of ways to tell if you are from Hawaii

You might be from Hawaii if…

  1. Your reaction to a tsunami warning is to go to the store and buy all the rice and toilet paper you can.
  2. You end every sentence with “yeah”
  3. You can change lanes in rush hour traffic by holding your hand out the window.
  4. You think “da kine” describes most things well
  5. You have no concept of north, south, east, or west but understand if something is Ewa or Diamond Head.
  6. You consider SPAM to be a staple
  7. You’ve never heard of a barbecue pork sandwich, but you are very familiar with poke, lau lau, poi, and Kalua pig.
  8. You know that Eddie would go and you should too.
  9. You only know of Sonic, Olive Garden, and Kohls through TV commercials
  10. You consider Las Vegas to be the “9th Island”



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