Let’s Wait and See What God is Up To!

2 04 2013

With Easter behind us, I am filled with hope for the future of Aloha Community Church.  Recently, we have really seen everyone stepping up and getting involved in sharing the Gospel and working to plant a church here on Oahu.  This is no easy task, but there are signs that the Lord is moving, and we are excited!

I am often asked, “When will you launch?”  I admit, sometimes I am discouraged by this question.  The answer is this:  I do not know.  I know that we should not launch, or attempt to launch too soon.  It is better to go slow and wait on God’s timing.  Sometimes, that slow pace is tough.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to see immediate results, then I am reminded of how long Noah waited for rain, how long Abraham waited for a son, and how long the world waited for a Messiah.  I find comfort in the fact that God’s timing is best.

We are certainly seeing the Lord move.  Two new couples have attended our Ohana group (home Bible study).  Two neighbors have expressed interest in coming.  Over the past month we hosted a video night focusing on evangelism training.  After that, we saw many of our small group members reaching out to others.  Also, on Easter, 14 of us gathered at Ewa Beach Park for worship.  This was a great time for our group and everyone is excited about the future.  We even managed to distribute some Bibles to a few people that were curious as to what we were doing.

Moving forward, we are increasing what we are doing as a group.  We will continue to have our weekly Ohana group and will be expanding to a second group soon.  One member of our group is trying to organize a Bible study for his coworkers.  This is an elite military group and we are excited about the Lord will do there.  Meanwhile, we are also gathering for fellowship, for video training nights, and to do some mission projects in our community such as feeding the homeless and cleaning bus stops.

Please pray for the following:

  • For a location in Iroquois Point for an Ohana Group.
  • For God to stir the hearts of the people with whom we are sharing the Gospel and inviting to join us.
  • For opportunities to serve our community.
  • That we will continue to build relationships with those around us.
  • For Tyler and Rebecca Green, who are planning to relocate to Hawaii to join our efforts.
  • Samantha and I are now certified as Hawaii foster parents.  We stand ready to welcome a child in our home as soon as the state calls us.
  • The doctor believes that the bacteria in Caleb’s stomach is gone (Praise the Lord!).  His stomach is still sensitive.  Please pray for continued healing.

Aloha Community Church worships at Ewa Beach Park on Easter Sunday!




2 responses

2 04 2013
C Marshall Bennett

Use half your resources for community service and the other half for everything else. Make this policy forever and your church will grow and make a huge difference in your community. Another idea: start a community library. Libraries are dying all over America because it is trendy for wealthy people to own lots of land and not want to pay any taxes and governments are in collusion with them– an easy target for these pirates: Libraries. Churches that create community libraries, perhaps with a toy lending component, classes for parents and kids, etc,. will win the hearts and minds of the community. Also, serve the poor at every opportunity: feed, clothe, educate and embrace. Launch next Easter. my2cents.

2 04 2013

That’s worth more than 2 cents!

A few of us in the group ride or jog on the Pearl Harbor bike path. A lot of homeless people live on that path. We are planning to make some sack lunches and go down the path and give them away. As for a library, space is an issue. It is hard to find space for anything on Oahu. Our community has a small one and then the next town over has a very large one. I like the idea, though. I may check with out local library or the schools and see if there is anything we can do to help.

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