Setting the Stage…

16 05 2013

Recently, a news story went through the internet like wildfire and it still has many Christians concerned.  The story was of a meeting held between the Secretary of Defense and an activist and the subject was the military’s policy against proselytizing  among the ranks and the possibility of court-martials for those who share their faith.

Let me tell you a different story.  A serviceman in our small group wanted to start a Bible study for those in his company. He mentioned it to his chaplain as an idea.  The chaplain mentioned it to the company commander.  The company commander called this man into his office and said, “I have been speaking with the chaplain and we have decided that you will begin a Bible study in our company next week.”

We launched that group in May, but since this is my “April Report” you will have to wait for more info on how it is going.  (Preview:  It is growing and it has lead to our home group growing as well!)

It seems that April has been a stage setting month for us.  Big things are on the horizon and we see them getting closer and closer.  Members of our group have stepped up to host groups in their homes.  May will see the launch of one new home group and possibly another.  June will see the launch of another military group.

Meanwhile, we held our second worship service at Ewa Beach Park.  This one started out a little crazy when my van had a flat tire on the way to the park.  I should mention that I had a flat tire the day before and so it was my spare tire that went flat.  Our group came together and got everything to the beach park.  We had a great time of worship and fellowship.  We even had some folks listen for a while, and one person ask for more information.

April set the stage for many great things to come and I can hardly wait to type up my May report to tell you more!

Please pray for the following:

  • Caleb’s health.  He has shown a lot of improvement.  He no longer feels sick but the tests show that the h pylori is still present.  He will be going on medication and that can make him sick.  Please pray for healing.
  • We currently have two home groups and one workplace group up and running.  We are going to add a third home group and a second workplace group in the very near future.  Please pray for their growth.
  • We are hosting three mission teams this summer.  One is coming next week.  Another in June.  A third in August.  Pray for their safety as they travel and that the Lord uses them to reach many.
  • We are hosting at least three backyard bible clubs for children in three separate neighborhoods this summer.  Please pray that we can be a blessing to these families and share the Gospel effectively.
  • From May 30-June 2, Samantha, Caleb and I are going to take a little vacation.  Please pray for a time of relaxation, fun, and renewal.



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