May Update and Prayer Requests

11 06 2013

I am sitting in the newest Starbucks in Ewa Beach.  It is one block from the old Starbucks location and directly across a parking lot from the second newest Starbucks location.  Yes, we now have three inside of half a mile.  A dozen other businesses are about to open in this shopping center.  A new neighborhood is being built directly behind it.  Two miles away, construction continues on a new luxury residence and resort area for Ewa Beach.  In other words, this place is growing.  The experts (whoever they may be) claim that the population will triple here in the next ten years.  For a church planter, that can be a really exciting place to be.  However, what is more exciting than what men and women do in West Oahu is what the Lord is doing.  If May was an indication of our Summer then we are in for a ride!  This has been quite a month and we see so much that the Lord is doing!

Small Groups

In May, we launched two new small groups.  One is a workplace small group; a Bible Study intended for people during their lunch break at work.  That one takes places at a nearby military base.  It launched and averages about 5 people each week.  The second group is a home group inside of a gated community here in Ewa Beach.  It averages 4 people each week.  Meanwhile, the home group at my own house continues, averaging 7 people each week.  Though these groups are separate, we come together for Worship at the Park once a month and for outreach projects.

Mission Teams


College Students from Springfield, MO host a block party and engage the community

In May, we were pleased to host some college students from Second Baptist Church in Springfield, MO.  This group did a myriad of projects to help us engage the community.  They made cookies and delivered them to our neighborhood office, fire department, and local police.  All were pleasantly surprised with the gifts, albeit some were suspicious (the police officer at the desk kept telling us that he could not fix tickets).  They also publicized and put on a block party/Carnival at Ewa Beach Park.  Through that event we were able to meet many families as well as provide a lot of fun!

Our own schedule was thrown out of whack while there were here as we experienced some baseball drama.  Other little league parents will know what I mean by “baseball drama.”  To make a long story short, Caleb’s team was left without a coach to finish off the season.  These college students from Missouri rose to the occasion.  Three of them happen to be ballplayers and they helped our team to a great finish; all while ministering to kids, parents, coaches, and myself.

We also learned a lot of ways to engage the community and will use what we learned as future mission teams arrive.  Two more are coming this summer!

What is on the Horizon

We have many great things coming up.  In June, we hope to launch more small groups.  We plan to launch a new home group in the Palm Court apartment complex in Ewa Beach as well as two new military workplace groups.

Throughout the summer, we will also be conducting three backyard Bible clubs.  One with a mission team from Missouri, and two in cooperation with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Hawaii.

About Caleb and the Rest of Us

Regarding Caleb’s stomach illness, we had a setback in May.  After practically being released by the specialist, we learned that tests showed the bacteria was still present.  He underwent another round of the very harsh antibiotics, but he took it well.  Currently, he is off medicine and feeling great.  Despite all of this, he was selected to represent Ewa Beach on the Minors All Star Team.  They played hard in the district tournament but were eliminated in the third game.  Now he is trying to decide between two teams that have asked him to play in a Fall league.  Welcome to the land of year-round baseball!


Caleb visits an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i

All of us enjoyed a short vacation at the end of May.  We traveled to the Big Island (Kona side) and saw a completely different Hawaii.  We really enjoyed the wide open spaces, active volcanos, and black sand beaches.  It was a welcome time of rest and relaxation and we returned ready to take on what promises to be a great summer!






Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Caleb is completely cured of his stomach illness.
  • Pray for two upcoming mission trips that they will be used in a mighty way to display the love of Christ to the people of Ewa Beach
  • Pray for our two home groups that they will continue to grow.  Pray for our workplace group that it also grows.
  • Pray for our soon-to-launch home group and two workplace groups that they will begin and grow.
  • Pray for opportunities to love and serve the community of Ewa Beach
  • Pray for three up-coming backyard Bible clubs



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