Things Might Get A Little Crazy

8 07 2013

Starting out normal

June started out to be a fairly normal month for us.  For us personally, we started the month with the Little League Minors All-Star Tournament.  It was a lot of fun watching Caleb play and cheering the team on with the other parents.

As for church planting, things are moving along steadily.  Lately, we have a lot of discussions about finding purpose and gifts and I am working so that these discussions result in discipleship becoming a foundational part of the church plant.  We are also working to launch a third home group.  Meanwhile, the current home groups continue to do well and things are being planned to boost awareness of those groups.

Lots of planning

Towards the end of June, a mission team from Second Baptist Church in Springfield, MO came to help us.  This means that much of June was spent planning and preparing for the team and its work.  Little did we know that for all the planning and preparation, there were some things for which we could not plan.

Crazy Times

Samantha and I strongly encourage people to “be light in a dark place.”  There are lots of ways that a person can do this.  For us, it is helping children in crisis.  I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in Hawaii’s family court.  Samantha and I have also been trained and licensed as foster parents.

The day before the mission team arrived, Samantha and I were running errands and making some last minute preparations when we received a phone call.  There was a two-year old boy in need of a foster home, could we take him?  Of course we agreed but this made for one crazy week with a mission team!

Our house became quite chaotic, but the mission team adjusted and blessed us by helping in every way they could.  They carried out their work and supported us through a tough week of adjustment.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that little Kerry is doing great.  He is thriving in our home and we are thrilled to have him with us.  We do not know if his placement with us will be short-term, long-term, or permanent, but we hope that while he is here he knows that he is loved.

If at first you don’t succeed…

More than one adjustment had to be made for the mission team.  The team’s plan was to conduct a block party in order to invite children to a backyard Bible club at Ewa Beach Park.  The block party was a hit!  We had lots of families.  We got to talk with quite a few people and invited dozens of kids to the Bible club.  We also passed out a hundred flyers and had flyers up at every business in Ewa Beach (almost).  When the day came to start the club, no one came.

It is easy to give up when something like that happens.  However, the team simply met and made some new plans.  They took their plans for a Bible club and moved it over to another park in Ewa Beach.  Of course, there was not a lot of advertisement about the new location, but throughout the week, we had over 30 children attend!

We feel like we learned a few things that day.  One is that we need to be where God seems to be working.  For this reason, we will be doing more ministry in the area of Gieger park and will, beginning in July, move our monthly service to Gieger park.

So, now we have been in Hawaii for one full year.  The time has really flown by!  So much has happened that we cannot wait to see what this coming year holds!

Please pray for the following

  • Caleb as he begins 5th grade (July 8)
  • Kerry as he continues to adjust to us and us to him.  Please pray for his court case that the child welfare system will work to place him in the best possible forever-home.
  • The mission team from Trinity Baptist Church in Willow Springs, MO that will be working with us at the end of July
  • Kids’ Bible Clubs that we will be hosting in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship.  We are hosting one on the week of July 8 and another on the week of July 15.  Both of these clubs are in neighborhoods where we have established home groups.
  • The many contacts that have been made on behalf of Aloha Community Church.  Pray that they will be drawn to hear to Gospel and that lives will be transformed.



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