August Update

9 09 2013


After a very busy July, August was a bit more restful.  We did not have any mission teams or major events.  We spent August, taking care of ourselves, moving the church along with its current ministries, and looking ahead to some exciting things.

In August, Samantha and I celebrated our 16th Wedding anniversary.  We were blessed to have someone watch the kids one evening while we went out to Waikiki and celebrated.  It is amusing that many people plan big dream vacations to celebrate an anniversary in Waikiki and we simply drive to “town.”  Please do not be jealous – Have you ever tried to find a parking spot in Waikiki?

Baseball is in full swing (again.)  Caleb is playing for the Ewa Beach Rebelz in the Cal Ripkin league for the fall.  The Rebelz are 3-1 and Caleb is playing as great as he always does.  Most of August included a long break in Caleb’s year-round school schedule so we made sure to take some days to enjoy the time off.  He and I really enjoyed a trip to the USS Bowfin museum.  The Pearl Harbor sites are always interesting.  He and I are planning to visit the Pacific Aviation Museum next!

We are still very busy as foster parents to Kerry.  He has adapted well to life in the Davis house and I think we are finding some normalcy.  We pray daily that God will give wisdom to everyone involved in his case

The church continues to do well.  We have three small groups that operate throughout the week.  In August, we had an average of 17 people involved in our small group ministry.  One group added a new person each week in August!

Last month I mentioned a development that I could not speak about.  I am still not able to address that, but I can tell you that another similar possibility has also come about.  I will address these as I am able, but it does seem that we are on the verge of some great things happening!

As we look ahead there are many exciting things on the horizon.  Things are developing which may move us from a gathering phase to a pre-launch phase.  This is very exciting but also a reminder that we must work hard at this point to plant the most crucial elements of our church.  Leadership and discipleship must be addressed in order to have a healthy church from the get-go.

In September, we will meet twice for worship services.  Once will be on September 15.  This is National Back To Church Sunday so we are inviting as many people as we can.  On the 29th, we will gather as we usually do on the last Sunday of the month for worship and we will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  We look forward to seeing how September develops!

Prayer requests

  • Wisdom in Kerry’s case in the Child Protection System
  • Our worship services that we will have in September (15th & 29th)
  • Wisdom as we move to a new phase in this process
  • God’s continued provision for our family and His blessing that we be healthy and safe.
  • The possibility of assisting churches in transition in order to create a dynamic Gospel witness in Ewa Beach.

Aloha In Christ,

Aaron Davis




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