September Update

1 10 2013

Fall is here.  Of course, that means very little in Hawaii.  For those of us in Ewa, that means that the high temperature of each day has dropped by about 3 degrees.  It also means that we can get some rain (a little more than we get in the Summer).  For Aloha Community Church, the arrival of fall has meant much, much, more.

In August, we learned that our good friend and fellow church planter, Shawn Peoples, was leaving the island.  This was sad for us as we had to say goodbye.  We also wondered what would become of all his hard work; the group known as The Church At Kapolei.  In September, we begin talking about merging his group into ours.


Observing the Lord’s Supper with leadership from both church plants

On September 15, we met together for worship.  There were 37 people in all.  Shawn lead the music portion of our worship and I gave the message.  It was a great time of fellowship and unity.  Granted, there were lots of questions.  The following week, my family and I attended the final gathering of the Church At Kapolei.  During that time, we had a great discussion about the future and what things could be if our two groups united.  On September the 29th, we held out normal monthly service in the park.  The core of the Church at Kapolei joined us for worship.  God was truly glorified in this unity.  It was the perfect setting for our first Lord’s Supper service!

So what is ahead?  We are currently ironing out some of the details of this merger.  Primarily we are trying to figure out how their two small groups will become a part of our small group ministry.  We will be launching Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s ministries.  We are also shifting to a pre-launch phase, meeting weekly as we work toward a launch on April 20, 2014.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray as our core group grows.  We need to gather enough people committed to the launch process in order to make our launch something that can impact our community.
  • Pray for the continued spiritual growth of our people.
  • Pray for continued unity between the two groups that now make up Aloha Community Church.
  • Pray for more opportunities of coming together to create a greater voice for the Gospel.
  • Pray for our foster child and his case in family court.  Pray that all involved have wisdom to work in his best interest





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