Are You Praying?

15 01 2014


Last month, we asked for prayer for a few specific things.  I want to address those in detail for this month’s report.

A facility

Currently, we meet in a park.  This works great for us now, but its limitations are showing. We have had to relocate twice for rain and met in my garage instead.  We’ve lost a canopy to winds.  The space in the park is first-come first serve so we never know if we will be in the shade or the sun.  We would love to have a regular place that meets our needs.  This could be a school, community center, or retail space.  Please pray that we can find something that will be affordable.  We believe that establishing something more permanent will make it easier to publicize our worship services.

Small Group Leaders

ImageWe believe that small groups are going to be the key to growing a healthy church that plants churches.  With that in mind, in March, we will begin using curriculum from the Timothy Initiative to train small group leaders.  We hope to train up everyone in our church to use their gifts for ministry, but especially train up small group leaders.  Many are hesitant, feeling that such a ministry is reserved to a pastor.  Pray that people answer God’s call to make disciples in this way.


I am proud that Aloha Community Church is a giving church.  However, we are a small church and growth will come but it will come slowly.  Please pray that as a church, we can have the resources we need to do the ministry to which God has called us.

Personally, I am well taken care of.  We are blessed to have sponsor churches that provide for our needs.  However, I do have two requests in this area as well.  First, please pray that as our current sponsors taper their funds down, new sponsors will come along side of us in this work.  Second, though our daily expenses are provided, unexpected expenses can catch us off guard.  Please pray for the Lord’s continued provision for our family.


ImageWe desire to see people come to know the Lord and join in the fellowship of Aloha Community Church.  I was very excited by a couple of things this month.  The first was our Christmas party.  It was great to see so many people gather for fellowship.  We are a diverse bunch, but the love we have for one another is evident.  Also, we have seen some visitors in our weekly services.  Please pray that this continues all the more.  Please pray that each person in Aloha Community Church will begin to invite others and to share the gospel.

We are also involved in outreach to Chuukese teens in the community of Waianae.  We partner with NAMB missionary, Darla Richardson in this effort.  We were glad to host a Christmas party for these kids and begin weekly Bible study.  Please pray that this can be used to change lives among the Chuukese.

Clear Vision

Plans change.  A lot.  I know that when you are a church planter, you are supposed to have a clear and concise plan and stick to it.  However, with every step we learn more, we adjust and sometimes, we just have to find a different path.  Please pray that as Aloha Community Church journeys together, we will be granted a clear vision for all that we should do.

Finally, I ask that you continue to pray for my family.  Please pray for our foster child’s case as it moves through family court.  Pray for us as we make travel plans to visit Missouri in February.  Pray for our continued health and safety and pray that daily, we grow closer to Christ.

As I look back over 2013, I am overwhelmed with the love and support we receive.  We cannot say enough to express our gratitude for all of your prayers, gifts, and messages.  2014 is sure to be a huge year in the life of Aloha Community Church.  I am glad that you and I can watch this together!  




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15 01 2014

Great post. God will answer that prayer

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