Update and Prayer Requests

19 03 2014

This latest update comes at a peculiar time (middle of the month) because February and March were not normal months for us (what is normal?).  We spent three weeks in Missouri attending the Global Missions Conference at Second Baptist Church of Springfield, MO and visiting friends and family.  This was a much needed time of rest and recharge.  We were blessed to participate in the conference and to speak at Trinity Baptist Church of Willow Springs and First Baptist Church of Birch Tree as well!

Meanwhile, Aloha Community Church continued forward with our overseers at the helm.  I am happy to report that during my absence, the church saw 12 visitors!  When we returned we found everyone excited with new ideas for the future.

Now, I want to dedicate the rest of this update to our biggest prayer requests for Aloha Community Church.  I listed them last month, but I want to explain them and ask you to pray earnestly with us. 

Regular location to meet for worship

Most of our mainland friends envy us for having our worship services in the park.  However, the park has its disadvantages as weather frequently disrupts things.  We need to find a place that will consistently be our meeting place.  This is very difficult to find as the most affordable places are either in use or not available and the available places are not affordable.  Please pray that the Lord leads us to the right place.

More and more people come to know Jesus

When planting a church, it is easy to focus on attendance numbers or finances.  However, the primary reason we are here is to share the Gospel and see people come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Please pray that our church becomes a mobilized force of evangelism, sharing our faith with those around us.  Pray that the Lord blesses us by letting us see changed lives. 

People to serve faithfully in the church

Please pray that everyone in Aloha Community Church uses their gifts to serve.  We do not want to be a church of one or two people doing while the rest watch.  Pray that from the very beginning we are all working as a team. 

Opportunities to serve in our community

Please pray that we see and seize opportunities to serve in our community. Pray that we can be a light in dark places and truly show the love of Christ. 

Our long range planning

Samantha and I are deeply convicted that ministry in Hawaii CANNOT be temporary.  We must be committed for the “long haul.”  Please pray for us as we make plans both personally and in ministry to ensure that we can be as committed as we need to be. 

Partnership opportunities with other churches

Please pray that as we work with other churches, both on the island and on the mainland, we will find ways to serve together for the Kingdom.  Pray that we will see effective mission teams join us from the mainland and pray that local churches will join us in spreading the gospel as well! 

Future church plants

Even as we are getting started, we already discuss the possibility of more churches.  In fact, just last week, two different members of Aloha Community Church spoke to me about planting churches.  Please pray that the Lord makes us a church that plants churches! 

Leadership training for new leaders 

In order to accomplish our goals, we want our church to have well training leaders.  Please pray as we implement training.

New small groups form and are successful

Please pray for our small groups.  Some of our members have said that these groups are a lifeline for them.  Please pray that these groups exhibit true Christian fellowship.  Pray that these groups grow and multiply. 

The health and security of our family

As always, pray for our family.  Pray for our health.  Pray for our spiritual health.  Pray for Kerry’s case in family court.  Pray for Caleb as he lives in the unbelieving world of school and baseball.  Pray for our finances that we can meet this ever-present challenge of life in Hawaii.  Pray that the Lord keeps us safe, secure, close to Him, and provided for. 

Aloha in Christ,

Aaron Davis




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