June Update

3 07 2014

Still in the Park

Many people ask if we are still in the park. The answer is yes, and that is a good thing. In the past month at the park, we have been able to reach out and minister in ways we would not have if we had not been there.

Of course, we would love to have a permanent place to worship and minister, but Hawaii real estate is a tricky thing and we are content with whatever the Lord has for us.

Seeing Growth

I am happy to see solid growth. By this, I mean that not only are we growing in size, but we are growing spiritually as well. We are teaching, emphasizing, and encouraging the small steps of the everyday walk with Christ. In doing so, we are seeing new growth in our people and a desire to be on mission. This is very exciting.

Networks and Exciting Plans for the Future

Recently, I have taken on the task of networking Oahu’s church planters. We have had two great meetings. One in which we met and discussed one planter’s new work and another where we ministered to seafarers and prayed for a future ministry at Honolulu Harbor. This network is good for fellowship, increasing awareness of the needs on Oahu, and supporting one another in ministry.

Further, we are in the early stages of planning for an internship that will eventually result in Aloha Community Church planting another church on the island. We are excited about this possibility.

Prayer Requests

Our church has military families that are currently dealing with overseas training and deployment. Please pray for these men and their families.

For two years, we have constantly prayed that God would lead us into the lives of those who need Christ. We are seeing it at every turn now. Please pray for these opportunities as they arise.

Recently, our foster son’s mother asked us to care for him permanently. We are more than happy to do so and overwhelmed with her trust in us. Obviously, the case in court is slow, but as always, we ask for prayers for the case, for this little boy, and his family.

Over the past two weeks, I have dealt with two medical issues. One we now know to be a herniated disk at the base of my neck. The other is still unknown. There are no tumors, so we are assured that it is not major, but we still need answers. As for my neck, this is familiar territory. Please pray for healing and guidance. Please pray that the ministry of Aloha Community Church does not slow in this time. Is it any wonder that as we see the Lord working, we are hindered in such a way? Pray that this is a time of great work for the church!




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