February Update!

6 03 2015
It has been a while since I have sent out any updates. A lot is going on and it gets hard to keep up sometimes!  But that is a good problem to have.
Much has happened
Here are some highlights of things that have happened in the last couple of months:
  • We lead our church through our New Members class
  • We constituted as a church on February 22
  • We began a new series in one small group and used the opportunity to invite new people.  4 new people began attending!
  • We began a preteen class on Sunday Mornings
  • We have seen 3 new families attend our Sunday morning worship services
A lot coming up
  • On March 29 we will host a Preview Service
  • On April 5 we will conduct an Easter celebration in the park
  • On April 12, we will host a grand opening service
  • We have at least two people waiting to be baptized!
  • We will participate in the Pride For Ewa festival at the end of April
  • We will have a summer missionary joining us in June and July

Thank you for praying

I want to thank you all for praying.  When we sent out word that Samantha was having abdominal pains, you responded with prayers and encouragement.  She is doing well.  The doctor’s believe that it was a cyst and then an infection.  Both are being taken care of.
I also want to thank you for praying for our intern, Matt Lincoln, and his father.  He has told me of all the encouraging emails he received from you and I was proud to have you on our prayer team!

Prayer Requests
Please be in prayer for the following:
  • A church member who is recovering from surgery
  • A church member who is witnessing to his coworkers
  • Kerry’s adoption, set for May 18
  • Financial provision as we transition away from outside funding.  Our NAMB funding is being scaled back over the next few years.  Our funding from Second Baptist Springfield will end in June.  We are confident that the Lord will provide.
  • Our launch in April.
A final thought
Earlier this week, I road my scooter (JonWay Neo, 4-stroke, 80cc) on a 147 mile ride around the island of Oahu.  One thing I noted.  Hawaii has religion.  I passed historic church buildings, I passed buddhas and other idols.  I passed a Mormon temple.  Hawaii has religion, but Hawaii needs Jesus!  Remember Luke 10:2 and pray that workers are sent to the harvest!
Aloha in Christ,
Aaron Davis



One response

9 03 2015
Renae Neill

??So good to read your update. With Becca and Tyler on the Big Island, I’m interested in all things Hawaii!

Glad to know things are going well in your corner of the ocean.

Renae Neill Purdy AmeriCorps Reading Coaches ________________________________

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