The Final Update

22 12 2015

It has been a few months since we announced that our work in Hawaii was coming to a close.  As we enter in to the Christmas season, we decided to make one last update to let everyone know how and what we are doing.

Kerry was legally adopted on October 5.  We celebrated and a couple of days later, he and Samantha made the move to Missouri.  Meanwhile, Caleb and I flew to Los Angeles.  We spent a few days there visiting family and seeing the sites.  This included some pretty intense roller coasters at Magic Mountain.  After that, we spent 4 days driving our car to Missouri.  We had a lot of fun seeing the country along the way.  Some highlights included the Grand Canyon, Cadillac Ranch, and a somber tour of the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum.  We arrived home around October 15.

The boys are now in school in Springfield.  Caleb is attending the same middle school that Samantha did.  He is doing great and in the second semester, he will be placed in advanced classes and begin attending WINGS (the gifted program).  Kerry is involved in the Wonder Years preK program.  He is really learning a lot and is on target of Kindergarten next year.  Kerry has also started bowling.  He is learning to bowl at Sunshine Lanes just like I did at his age.  In fact, we even have the same coach!

Samantha is working for the Springfield Public Schools nutritional services as a substitute cook.  She works every day at different schools and really enjoys it.  She has also been doing a lot of stained glass work.

I am working as a financial representative of Modern Woodmen of America.  I do life insurance and financial planning and I really enjoy it.  The company is very impressive and I really find myself more in the role of helping others rather than just pushing a particular product.  It has been slow to get started as I build a client base, but overall it is very rewarding.  I have a dream of not only using this work as a career but also a way of impacting our community.  If you aren’t sure how a financial services company can do that, give me a call!

I am also very happy to say that we have found a great church family to join here in Springfield.  We are attending Hope and Anchor Church and we really love it.  The past 6 months have been difficult for us and Hope and Anchor has turned out to be a great place of rest and healing.  We look forward to serving with them.

Finally, I want to add a work of thanks to all of you.  Especially to those of you who supported us during the final months.  I hope you do not feel that your gifts were in vain.  You allowed us to see the completion of Kerry’s adoption.  You helped us wrap things up and you helped to bring us back to Missouri.  I cannot thank you enough.  You were there when we desperately needed you.

Finally, I ask for you to pray for the following:

For Kerry:  Transitioning Kerry’s support from Hawaii has been difficult.  The Hawaii government is responsible for his health insurance throughout his childhood.  They are also obligated to provide a stipend.  Please pray that we can get these things on track now that we have moved.

For Caleb:  Pray for his transition as well.  Pray that he will make good friends here.  Pray for the fledgling youth ministry at Hope and Anchor.

For Samantha and Aaron:  Pray that we can get a steady income soon and find a place of our own.  We are grateful for Samantha’s parents taking us in, but we look forward to being on our feet in our own home.  Pray for our jobs.  Pray that Samantha’s opportunities increase.  Pray that my client base grows.  Also pray for me as I will be having oral surgery on Dec 31.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Aaron, Samantha, Caleb, and Kerry




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