Answered Prayers in November

11 12 2013

Steady Progress

It is a joy to watch Aloha Community Church truly become a church.  By that, I mean more than just meeting and holding services.  Granted, we do meet and we do hold worship services, but there is much more.

Recently, when one man in our church was in the hospital for a few weeks (and it looked like he might be there for several more) our Men’s Ohana Group moved their group to his hospital room one night.  They were prepared to do so for the extent of his stay.  I’ll tell you why they did not do that in the next section of this report.  I have seen our group pray for each other, comfort each other, and support each other.

And, we continue to minister and reach out together.  A small group of people have begun working with Chuukese teenagers in Waianae.

Answered Prayers

We see God continuing to work in our lives and ministry.  The reason our Men’s Group is not meeting in one man’s hospital room is that we prayed for healing…and God granted!

Last month, I mentioned that I had to have my transmission rebuilt.  Typically, I do not put anything on a credit card that I cannot afford to pay when the bill is due, but what could I do?  We have one vehicle and it had to be fixed.  We put the bill on the credit card and prayed that the Lord would provide.  As I write, that credit card bill has not reached its due date but it HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL!!!  We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s answer to prayer through your support and love.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to the new year, we are very excited about one particular idea:  our leadership training.  We intend to train every small group leader as a church planter.  This way we can instill multiplication as a natural part of the life of the church.

Prayer Requests

Moving ahead, please pray for the following:

  • A facility.  Currently we meet for worship in a park.  This is good, but has its limitations.  Please pray that we can find a facility that we can afford.
  • More small group leaders.  Please pray for the small group leaders that we have as well as the future small group leaders.
  • Finances.  Please pray that we will have the finances we need to do as God calls us.
  • People.  Pray that more people are drawn to the Lord through Aloha Community Church.
  • Clear Vision.  Pray that God continues to show us the road ahead, even if it is only one step at a time.

Our Prospectus – Video

7 02 2012

This video answers the who, what, where, and how of this project.  Please watch and consider how you can be a part of this mission.

Note:  Watching in High Quality or Large Player and full screen is recommended.