One Crazy Summer!

3 08 2013

The first baptism for Aloha Community Church

On the last Sunday of July, I set up the chairs and the pop-up canopy and all the other things we set up for our monthly worship services.  It was exciting.  I was wearing my swim trunks under my clothes because we would end that service with an ocean baptism.  It was bound to be a different day.  It was a day of firsts.  It was the first baptism for Aloha Community Church and the first time we collected an offering.  It was also much more.  As one of our members shared with me some pictures of the day, I was struck by something.  A church was gathered.  A church gathered to worship.  A church gave joyfully.  A church walked together to the shoreline and cheered as one marked his faith with baptism.  A church shared lunch together and talked and  visited for a while;  everyone enjoying the fact that we were gathered together.  Yes, a church was gathered.  Praise the Lord!

Church Planting By The Numbers

I do not care for numbers.  Church planters often have to provide numbers, and I generally do not care for it because so much is missed when we just focus on numbers.  However, sometimes the numbers are a real joy to share, so let me begin our July report with some numbers:

  • We hosted 2 back yard Bible Clubs with our friends at Child Evangelism Fellowship
  • These clubs had a total of 20 kids
  • These clubs saw 6 kids make professions of faith in Christ
  • We now have 3 ohana groups which meet during the week
  • On average, 17 people are involved in our ohana groups each week.
  • 21 people attended our monthly worship service
  • Our first ever church offering collected more than $1500
  • We had 1 baptism


    Bible Club at the Waterfront at Pu’uloa!

What do these numbers say?  I believe these numbers say that God is working in Ewa Beach and that Aloha Community Church is part of that work.  Each of these numbers represents a pretty exciting moment in the life of our little church and the people behind them are people who’s lives are being changed.

The Last Mission Team of the Summer

Over the summer we hosted three different mission teams from Missouri.  The last of these just left.  It was a team from Trinity Baptist Church in Willow Springs, MO.  Pastor David Cox was here with his team and they spent a lot of time prayerwalking through Ewa Beach.  They also hosted a cook-out to introduce a neighborhood to our Ohana Group.  They hosted a birthday party for our 2 year old foster son, and they were with us to celebrate our first baptism.  It really was a great week!

Life in the Davis House

Life in our home has been a little crazy ever since we brought in little Kerry.  Kerry just turned 2 years old and has really changed things.  He is full of energy so he keeps us moving.  Many people have asked if we can adopt Kerry.  The fact is, that adoption is way down on the list of priorities in child welfare cases.  The state will first try to reunite Kerry with his parents and barring that, with other family.  Chances are, it will be at least a year before the state will begin to explore Kerry’s permanent placement options.  In the meantime, we will strive to give him the love and care he needs and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us to do so!

Meanwhile, Caleb is doing better all the time.  He has started 5th grade at Holomua Elementary.  This year he is involved in the school’s enrichment program.  He has also joined a team in the Cal Ripkin baseball league.  He will be playing with the Ewa Beach Rebelz through the fall.  Welcome to the land of year-round schools and year-round baseball!

Looking Ahead

I have given up trying to predict what the future holds for our church plant.  I can tell you that in August we will try to do the following:

  • Continue to grow the ohana groups that exist
  • Look for new possibilities for ohana groups
  • Look for ways to serve our communities
  • Begin one-on-one discipleship within our church.

What I am most excited about in August is that the Lord is moving!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following:

  • Kerry’s ongoing case in the Child Welfare System
  • Caleb as he faces new challenges in 5th grade
  • Our ohana groups as they grow
  • New ohana groups to begin
  • Also, there is a development that I am not at liberty to speak about.  However, if it is the Lord’s will, it will be HUGE!  Please pray for wisdom and guidance.  Pray for open doors where they need to be and closed doors where they need to be.

Peace and Grace to you,

Aaron Davis


Let’s Wait and See What God is Up To!

2 04 2013

With Easter behind us, I am filled with hope for the future of Aloha Community Church.  Recently, we have really seen everyone stepping up and getting involved in sharing the Gospel and working to plant a church here on Oahu.  This is no easy task, but there are signs that the Lord is moving, and we are excited!

I am often asked, “When will you launch?”  I admit, sometimes I am discouraged by this question.  The answer is this:  I do not know.  I know that we should not launch, or attempt to launch too soon.  It is better to go slow and wait on God’s timing.  Sometimes, that slow pace is tough.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to see immediate results, then I am reminded of how long Noah waited for rain, how long Abraham waited for a son, and how long the world waited for a Messiah.  I find comfort in the fact that God’s timing is best.

We are certainly seeing the Lord move.  Two new couples have attended our Ohana group (home Bible study).  Two neighbors have expressed interest in coming.  Over the past month we hosted a video night focusing on evangelism training.  After that, we saw many of our small group members reaching out to others.  Also, on Easter, 14 of us gathered at Ewa Beach Park for worship.  This was a great time for our group and everyone is excited about the future.  We even managed to distribute some Bibles to a few people that were curious as to what we were doing.

Moving forward, we are increasing what we are doing as a group.  We will continue to have our weekly Ohana group and will be expanding to a second group soon.  One member of our group is trying to organize a Bible study for his coworkers.  This is an elite military group and we are excited about the Lord will do there.  Meanwhile, we are also gathering for fellowship, for video training nights, and to do some mission projects in our community such as feeding the homeless and cleaning bus stops.

Please pray for the following:

  • For a location in Iroquois Point for an Ohana Group.
  • For God to stir the hearts of the people with whom we are sharing the Gospel and inviting to join us.
  • For opportunities to serve our community.
  • That we will continue to build relationships with those around us.
  • For Tyler and Rebecca Green, who are planning to relocate to Hawaii to join our efforts.
  • Samantha and I are now certified as Hawaii foster parents.  We stand ready to welcome a child in our home as soon as the state calls us.
  • The doctor believes that the bacteria in Caleb’s stomach is gone (Praise the Lord!).  His stomach is still sensitive.  Please pray for continued healing.

Aloha Community Church worships at Ewa Beach Park on Easter Sunday!

July is in the Books

1 08 2012


The month of July began with saying goodbye to First Baptist Birch Tree and setting out for Hawaii.  Well, we are here!  Most of our time here so far has been spent trying to settle in to life in Hawaii.  We have found a place to live in Ewa Beach, we have purchased furniture and other household goods.  We have enrolled Caleb in school and he is off to a good start.  We have purchased a vehicle, and we have begun to learn the ins and outs of life in west Oahu.

There have been some unexpected hurdles mainly in the way of finances.  We lost the money we had saved for a vehicle in a lemon.  We most likely fell victim to a common scam here.  Now we know, but that was a hard and costly lesson.  The plus side is that I have learned a few things through it, such as relying on God and reaching out to others for help.  Also, we had some unexpected dental bills in an emergency root canal yesterday (I’m still sore.)  However, God has provided for us thus far, and we have no reason to believe He will not continue to do so.

We have connected with other pastors and church planters.  It is great to learn about what God is doing on Oahu and these new friends are such a source of encouragement to us.

Many have asked about ministry.  Planting a church is a slow process.  Our goals right now are to meet people and become a part of the community.  We have been blessed to meet our neighbors: Kim, Alan, Derrick, and Pat, as well as some of the children on our block: Sam, Paul, Casey, and Kara.  Caleb spends a lot of time with Sam and Casey.  Little Kara has yet to pass me on the street without saying “Hi!” at least three times.  We have also begun to meet people in the community such as Joel and Sapavith and Ashley.  We take any introduction seriously as we are always praying that God will put people in our path.  Also, Facebook is proving to be a valuable tool in finding people locally that are interested in what we are doing.  A recent advertising campaign has brought 23 new “likes” to our Facebook page.

We continue to look for ways to be involved in the community and learn the culture.  Soon, we will begin with organized prayer walking and some surveying efforts.

For now, let me share some praises:

  • We have a house that we love and it was under our budget!
  • Caleb has made friends both at school and in our neighborhood.
  • Caleb is adjusting well to a new school with a new way of doing things.
  • We are enjoying our community; its stores, restaurants, and its way of life.
  • We have a car!

Some prayer requests:

  • Pray that we can find volunteers at our partner church to join us in prayer walking and surveying.
  • Pray that we continue to meet people and find interest in starting a home bible study.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Pray for Caleb as he continues to adjust.
  • Pray for our health and safety; spiritually and physically.
  • Pray for our finances as we absorbe some unexpected expenses.
  • Pray that the Lord moves in a mighty way on Oahu.


Answered Prayers and a Few Requests

15 05 2012


First of all, we are thankful for safe travels.  It always amazes me that we can climb into a machine that weighs over 200K lbs, fling it into the air at 500 MPH and land safely, when and where we want to.  Luggage made it too!

Prior to the trip, I asked for you to pray for a few things on this trip.  First was that we would make progress with our partner church, the Oahu Baptist Network, and the North American Mission Board.  I am happy to report that things are looking very well on all those fronts!  We had great visits with those folks and we are all on the same page getting things nailed down.  This really helps us with funding, but also with fellowship on the island.

Speaking of funding, we are very, very close to our minimum budget.  That means that we are now moving ahead with plans for the move.  We are booking the one-way plane tickets, we are selling our stuff, and getting shipping arranged.  That is a step of faith as we are trusting the Lord to provide the rest of what is needed, but we are confident that He will!

We also asked that you pray for Caleb because of his fears about moving.  Your prayers were answered.  On this trip, Caleb really fell in love with the island of Oahu, began to get excited about what is ahead, and even learned that he can make new friends!  This is such a relief for us and only God could have worked this.  He is good!

Please keep us in your prayers.  There is so much now that must happen.  We need to get rid of a whole lot of stuff.  We need these things to sell for enough money to get what we need on the other side.  Also, we need to continue finding partners to close the gap in our budget.  We are moving to Oahu during the first week of July.  That is coming fast!

One Down…a Long Road Ahead

29 10 2011

Our road to church planting in Hawaii is long.  There is a lot that must happen before we move to Hawaii and even more that must happen after that.  In order to stay organized and focused, we try to think in terms of mileposts.  Since prayer is crucial, our first milepost is recruiting 50 prayer partners.  As of today, we have 51 committed prayer partners and 96 Facebook fans!  We just cleared our first milepost!  Praise the Lord!

What’s next?  We are working to create some materials to give to potential sponsors.  That involves more than just designing and printing.  We must nail down the vision and the core values of the church plant.  Then we must come up with the best way to present it.

Meanwhile, we continue doing a lot of important things for this plant.  We are training, we are making contacts both here on the mainland and on the islands, and we will continue gathering prayer partners.

At this time, we ask that you pray for the following:

  • Our personal finances:  We are working to pay off one final credit card.  Also, producing our information packets may come out of our own pocket.  Please pray that the Lord provides in each case.
  • Our families:  Our decision to relocate to Hawaii is difficult for our families.  Please pray that the Lord comforts our parents, as we are moving very far away.  Also pray that the move goes well for our son, Caleb.  Pray that the Lord is preparing good friends on the islands for him.
  • Our task:  Pray that the Lord grants clarity regarding our vision and our core values.  Pray that we are able to express well the vision that He has laid on our hearts.